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The National Archives has now launched the new website.

While still in development, in time this should replace both the OPSI legislation pages and the UK Statute Law Database website.
For more information about the new website see the news release from the National Archives.
The following message on the Statute Law Database website gives more information about the current progress with the new site. It seems to indicate that for the time-being SLD must continue to be used to discover information such as geographical extent and the status of legislation at a particular point in time.
“The new website was launched on 29th July. The new site brings together legislation from SLD with the 'as enacted' legislation currently published on the OPSI website to provide a single legislation service that will replace the current services. The SLD website will remain in place until all content and functionality is available on the new site. There are a few Acts that have not yet been migrated from SLD. These will be loaded onto the new site over the next month. Some functionality currently available on SLD is not yet available on (full content search, 'Geographical Extent' and 'Point in Time' advanced search options, 'Confers Power' and 'Blanket Amendment' information). This functionality will be added in a series of releases over the summer. [30.7.2010]” (accessed 30/07/10)

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