Seminar 3: How can exit routes from bad jobs be created?

Cardiff University (2 March 2011)


  Good jobs, Bad jobs and the Australian experience
Barbara Pocock, University of South Australia
  What does exiting a bad job mean and whose business is it? 
Peter Kenway, New Policy Institute
  Learning to progress?  Reflections on employee expectations and experience of union-led learning
Patricia Findlay, SCER, University of Strathclyde


LDA Careers Ladders
Philip Barron, London Development Agency

          Panel discussion
Sian Cartwright, Head of Learning Services, Wales TUC
Grenville Jackson, Welsh Assembly Government
Elaine Moore, Alliance Sector Skills Council Wales
Katherine Trebeck, Research & Policy, UK Poverty Programme, Oxfam
Huw Beynon, Cardiff University


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