Seminar 4: What policy interventions might make bad jobs better?

Convocation Hall, Church House Conference Centre, Westminster (20 September 2011)


  Introduction to the seminar series
Patricia Findlay, SCER, University of Strathclyde
  The role of workplace democracy in promoting fairer pay and job quality
Kayte Lawton and Tess Lanning, Institute for Public Policy Research
  Making Bad Jobs Good: Strategies for Improving Job Quality (pdf)
Paul Osterman, MIT


Developing balanced local skills strategies (pdf)
Francesca Froy, OECD

  The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: where next for policy and practice? (pdf)
Ewart Keep, SKOPE, Cardiff University
     Panel discussion
Bronwyn McKenna, Unison
James Plunkett, Resolution Foundation
Krisnah Poinasamy, Oxfam
Mark Spilsbury, UKCES
Andy Westwood, Guild HE
Ewart Keep, SKOPE, Cardiff University



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