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Getting Familiar with DAM

Here's an overview of the different areas of DAM:

Folder List: The list of the folders where files are stored is displayed down the left hand side of the module. Clicking on a folder name displays the items within that folder in the File Window. Right clicking on a folder name opens a drop down menu of actions that can be performed by the user against that folder such as view properties and add subfolder.

Toolbar: The toolbar displays the address of the current folder and allows users to create subfolders, and manage and upload files. Here's a complete list of the available tools:

  •  Toggle: Open or close the File or Tag List.
  •  Icons: Display the items within the file window as icons.
  •  List: Display the items within the file window in a list. This is the default view.
  •  Refresh: Refresh or sync the items within the current folder.
  •  Create New Folder: Create a subfolder of the current folder.
  •  Upload Files: Upload files to the current folder.

Files Toolbar: This context sensitive toolbar only displays when one or more items in the file window is selected. Here's a complete list of the available tools:

  • Download: Download the selected file.
  • Rename: Rename the selected file or folder.
  • Copy: Download the selected file(s).
  • Move: Move the selected file(s).
  • Delete: Delete the selected files or folders.
  • Get URL: Get the URL for the selected file.
  • View Properties: View the properties of the selected file or folder.
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe: Subscribe to receive notification of changes to selected files or folders.

File Window Title Bar: Displays the column names of the Files window. Clicking on a column name will sort the files by that column. A Select All check box located to the left of all columns names allows users to select all of the folders and files on the current page.

File Window: This window lists all of the subfolders and files within the selected folder. A Locked icon is displayed beside any file that is locked from editing, either because it is not yet published or is in the workflow process.

File Information: Located below the Files Window, this bar allows users to navigate to other pages of files, change the page size and view the total number of items in the current folder.

Uploading Files

Authorized users can upload one or more individual files or a zipped (compressed) file to DAM. These files can then be selected and viewed using various modules such as Links, Media, HTML / HTML Pro, etc. Authenticated users must be granted Write to Folder permission to the folder where the file is being uploaded to and Edit Module permissions to upload compressed zip files.

  1. Navigate to Admin >  File Management - OR - Go to a DAM module.
  2. Navigate to and select a folder. See "Navigating to and Selecting Folders". In this example, the selected folder has Content Approval enabled.
  3. Click the Upload Files button located on the toolbar. This opens the Upload Files page.

  1. Optional. At Decompress Zip Files, mark  the check box to extract zipped files and upload them as separate files. Only permitted file types will be uploaded.
  2. Choose the location of the files to upload from these options:
    • Upload File: Choose this option to upload files from the local computer and then drag one or more files from the computer over the blue box or click on the box and then browse and select files from the computer.
    • From Web: Enter the URL of any file and then click the Upload button. Repeat to add more files.

Note: When a file with the same name already exists users will be asked whether they want to Keep the original file which will cancel uploading the current file - OR - Replace the existing file with the new file. This begin the workflow process if the file is being upload to a folder that has workflow enabled.

  1. Click the Close button once all the files have completed uploading. The uploaded files are now added to the Files Window of the selected folder. For this example, notice that the bike-icon.png file now displays the Locked icon which indicates it is in the workflow process. Also notice that the file is still compressed.


Adding a SubFolder

How to add a subfolder to DAM. The new folder will inherit the permissions assigned to its parent folder. DNN Platform users must be granted Write to Folder permission to a folder to be able to add subfolders.

  1. Navigate to Admin >  File Management - OR - Go to a DAM module.
  2. Navigate to the folder to add a subfolder beneath. See "Navigating to and Selecting Folders"
  3. Right click on the folder name and select Create Folder - OR - Click the Create New Folder button on the toolbar.

  1. In the Create New Folder window complete the following:
    1. In the Folder Name text box, enter a name for the new folder.
    2. At Folder Type, select the required folder type. The default option displayed will be inherited from the parent folder or if, a folder is being added to the root folder, the default type will be Standard unless otherwise configured. See "Configuring DAM Settings" The available options are:
      • Standard: This is the typical option for storing files.
      • Secure: Select this option to encrypt the file name to prevent direct linking to this file.
      • Database: Stores files as a byte array in the database rather than in the usual file system.

  1. Click the Save button. The new folder is now displayed in the Files Window.
  2. Optional. See "Modifying Folder Permissions" if this folder requires different permissions than its parent folder. See "Managing Folder Properties" to set file versioning and/or workflow for this folder.

The newly added folder displayed in the Folder Explorer

Deleting one or more Files and/or Folders

How to permanently delete files and/or folders including all the subfolders and files within that folder from DAM. Users (including anonymous users) must be granted Write to Folder permission to the folder that the subfolders or files are located.

  1. Navigate to Admin >  File Management - OR - Go to a DAM module.
  2. Navigate to and select the folder containing the folders or files to be deleted. See "Navigating to and Selecting Folders"
  3. Optional. At Page Size increase the number of files displayed to view and delete more folders and/or files at one time.
  4. In the Files Window, mark  the check box beside each item to be deleted - OR - mark  the check box in the File Window title bar to select all items on the current page for deletion.
  5. Right click on a selected item and select Delete from the drop down menu - OR - Click the Delete button in the Files Window Tool Bar.

Deleting the selected items

  1. Click the Delete button to confirm.

Tip: Delete a single file or folder by right clicking on the item and selecting Delete from the drop down list.