Setting Page Permissions

When creating site content, you can control who can see each page, and even who can see each module on a page (for instance, you may have a welcome page with two text modules, one for people who are logged in and one for people who are not).

You can also allow certain people access to edit a page or set of pages.

Access is usually controlled using security roles, though you can add individual usernames to page permissions.

Set the permissions for a page

  1. Go to the required page.
  2. Select Page Permissions from the Edit Page menu of the ControlBar. This displays the Permissions tab that shows the current page permissions for Administrators, Unauthenticated Users (not logged in), Registered Users (logged in), All Users (everyone), and any other role or user who has been granted permission to this page.
  3. Optional. To remove all permissions for a user or role, click the Delete button in the Actions column.
  4. Optional. To only modify permissions for roles and users that are already displayed on the page, skip to Step 7.
  5. Optional. To set permissions for a user that isn't displayed, enter their display name into the Username text box and click the Add button. Repeat to add additional users.
  6. Optional. To add permissions for a role that isn't displayed, select one of the following options from the Filter By Group drop down list, choose a role from the Select Role drop down list and then click the Add button:
    • < All Roles >: Select to view all roles. This includes both global roles and roles within groups.
    • < Global Roles >: Select to only view roles that are not associated with a Role Group. E.g. Administrators, All Users, Registered Users, Unauthenticated Users, etc.
  7. In the View Page column, click on the check box beside a user/role repeatedly until the correct permission is displayed.
    • Permission Granted: Permission to view the page is granted.
    • Permission Denied Permission Denied: Permission to view the page is denied. Deny will always override Grant.
    • Not Specified Not Specified: Permissions are not specified. Users cannot view the page unless they belong to another role/username which has been granted permission, or are granted Edit Page permissions.
    • Delete: Select to remove permissions from a user or role.
  8. In the Edit Page column, repeat Step 6 to grant, deny, or not specify full administrative rights to the page.
  9. Click the Update Page button.

Adapted from DNN help