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Modern Studies Course Outline


About the unit

In this unit pupils will examine how a recent international crisis had lead to the spread of infectious disease. They will investigate the selected international organization involved in tackling the crisis and how effective they are at meeting their aims.

 This unit will also partly focus on P7/S1 transition.

Time Scale: 12 lessons


Learning Outcomes

This unit of work will enable pupils to:

  • Have detailed knowledge of the work of international aid agencies such as the Red Cross, Oxfam, Unicef
  • Understand the role of the UN
  • Understand how international agencies respond to a disaster
  • Understand the impact the work of aid agencies on the affected areas
  • Have detailed knowledge of a case study such as the water crisis in Zimbabwe.


Key Skills


  • Cooperative learning
  • Decision making
  • Selecting and presenting informatio Discussion
  • Group activities
  • Embedded AifL
  • Role play


At the end of this unit most pupils will:

  1.  Apply knowledge and relate to global case studies
  2. Evaluate and analyse a variety of sources
  3. Identify bias in a source
  4. Understand the consequences of an event
  5. Have produced a …………

Some pupils will have progressed further and will:

  1.  Understand that a variety of sources may have conflicting ideas and opinions.
  2. Explain bias