In recent years, the UK Government has made ‘making bad jobs better’ a policy priority and international research indicates that bad jobs can indeed be made better. However, this research needs to be marshalled, evaluated and applied to the UK context.

The four seminars' topics centre on key academic and policy questions:

Seminar 1: What makes jobs 'bad'? March 2010:Glasgow
Seminar 2: How can bad jobs be made more bearable? Sept 2010:Oxford
Seminar 3: How can exit routes from bad jobs be created? March 2011: Cardiff 
Seminar 4: What policy interventions might make bad jobs better? 20th September 2011: London

The seminar series is organised by Chris Warhurst, Patricia Findlay and Johanna Commander from SCER at Strathclyde University and Caroline Lloyd and Ewart Keep from SKOPE based at Cardiff and Oxford Universities.

Oxford seminar
Oxford seminar Oxford seminar


Introduction by Prof Chris Warhurst

A public interest report from the seminar series will be available here from February 2012.

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