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The Digital Human: Humanities and

Social Sciences in the Digital Age


Keynote speaker: Prof Robin Mansell

Professor of New Media and the Internet

Deputy Director and Provost of the London School of Economics


Technology and Innovation Centre University of Strathclyde

12 September 2016



The social sciences and the Humanities have long had an interdependent relationship with scientific study. Meaningful scientific inquiry relies upon pre-established humanistic knowledge, while the best humanities research is guided by scientific principles. In recent years technological advancement and innovation have sparked a resurgence in interdisciplinary research, largely corresponding with the rise of the digital age. This conference - hosted by the Strathclyde HaSS Graduate School - aims to celebrate these interdisciplinary relationships by sharing postgraduate research that highlights the ways in which science, technology, humanities, and social sciences interact with one other. We welcome submissions from Humanities and Social Science PhD students on the following topics:

  • Digital contributions to health and wellbeing

  • Technology in education and academic curricula

  • Public policy, law and the regulation of science & technology

  • HaSS research and the application of new technologies

  • Historical and theoretical perspectives on technological developments

  • Professional and practical applications of digital technologies in social work

  • Digital arts: literature, creative writing, journalism, film


We particularly welcome contributions that address the collaborative aspects of digital humanities, including submissions on interdisciplinary work, and new developments in the field.

Presentations may include:

  • posters (maximum size A1 - abstract maximum 400 words);

  • short papers (abstract maximum 400 words);

The deadline for submitting poster abstracts and short paper abstracts to the Committee is Friday 5th August 2016. Multiple presentations are permitted. Presenters will be notified of acceptance within four weeks of submission. Please send to:

Twitter: @Digi_HaSS



The HaSS/TIC Committee

Chair: Karen Richmond

Maria Ferrara

Katie McMillan

Kirsten Russell

Stephen O’Shea

Dorota Szpakowicz

Peter Wilson 


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