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Good Food Nation - Focusing on Dietary Health in Schools 2017


Ever since Jamie Oliver's Feed Me Better campaign delivered 271,677 signatures to number 10 Downing Street on 30 March 2005, food health in schools has been a contentious discussion in both public and political domains.  Focus on health in schools is consistently a topic that is raised in the media, political debates and academia. 

This year, Education Scotland called for the 5th year applications for the Food for Thought Education Fund. This programme gives financial support to develop Food and Health as a context for learning and aims to improve practitioner confidence in providing progressive, high quality learning experiences which help to embed food education into the ethos of the establishment.                      

This programme draws from the ‘Good Food Nation’ vision published by the Scottish Government whose aims include:

  •        Plans for a Food Commission and local champions to drive change.
  •        Proposed priority areas such as food in the public sector, children’s food and local        food.
  •       A commitment to a variety of approaches, including strong community               engagement and celebration of Scotland’s food and drink.

Today, with questions being raised on the cost and nutritional benefit of school meals in the UK, Canada and the USA perhaps the stakes have never been higher for a review on dietary education.    





As part of the most recent programme for The History of Health and Healthcare: Curriculum for Excellence Resource, one of the sessions was on ‘Food Fads’ and the history of diet.  This was a well-received lesson, not least because the pupils enjoyed having a go at ‘Fletcherising’ some crackers with some messy results.  See our resources page for an upcoming account of this session.

The issue of food, diet and education is a fascinating one and it is clear that it is a polarising issue today.   To find out more about 
‘Good Food Nation’ and 'Food for Thought' , follow the link below for the Education Scotland, Learning Blog from April 18, 2017.