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University of Strathclyde Law School

3rd Annual Postgraduate Law Conference

"The Revolutions of Law"

Guidelines for Submission

The University of Strathclyde Postgraduate Law Conference committee seeks submissions for its third annual conference, to be held on Friday 20th October 2017 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Conference Theme

The conference theme, “The Revolutions of Law” has been developed in response to various challenges facing the law in contemporary times. In the past century, the legal landscape has faced adversity in the form of political, social, economic and legal change. Thus, the law has had to adapt and reform to overcome these obstacles in order to remain relevant. Additionally, in recent times legal debates that many assumed had been decisively settled have re-emerged.

In light of this, the words of Marx could not be more apt in terms of the immense social and political upheaval his writing inspired, and in the sense that the law does not necessarily develop in a straight line but is rather a site for continuous disagreement.

What are presenters being asked to do?

We ask presenters to consider the conference theme, the obstacles presented, and how the legal sphere has changed in recent times to tackle these obstacles. This may be from the perspective of your own research, highlighting how your area of research requires, has responded to, or has resisted revolution.

Our conference theme is designed to bring researchers together from different legal research disciplines and consider the challenges the law faces in times of change. The theme should be interpreted as broadly and as creatively as possible.

Instructions for submission

Abstracts of a maximum 300 words should be sent to
by  30th August, 2017.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to discuss an idea for a proposal.